NSCC Norms

In our work with school systems we suggest that students, parents and/or school personnel can and should work together to intentionally and thoughtfully consider how they want to be treated and to treat others. In fact, this is a goal that we suggest to most schools we work with. On an annual basis, our staff, interns and fellow reviews and reflects on our own norms. What follows is the norms that we have agreed to as a staff in early November 2014:

  1. We take responsibility for our work. We always give our best and assume the best in others.
  2. We cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment where all voices are valued.
  3. We communicate openly, honestly, constructively, and respectfully.
  4. We bring the right people to the table for a given task.
  5. We create and adhere to guidelines and roles.
  6. We are invested in supporting each other and we celebrate each other’s successes.
  7. We are invested in being a learning as well as a teaching organization.
  8. Be engaged, have FUN!