Professional Development

NSCC collaborates with schools, districts and States to support the development of even safer, more supportive and civil schools. Our professional development offerings are designed to build your school community’s capacity to promote this work as an ongoing part of your efforts. Our approach encourages sustainability and facilitates ongoing support.

NSCCC’s professional development and support to schools include:
  • Formative assessments that support leadership teams and educators understanding “where are we now?” and “what are useful next steps to consider?”
  • Strategies that “ignite” and engage students, school personnel and parents/guardians to learn and work together to create even safer, more supportive, engaging, helpfully challenging, and joyful schools;
  • Aligning State and district policies/laws with building practices;
  • Supporting the six-step bully prevention/pro-Upstander implementation process;
  • Sustaining an effective and coordinated bully prevention/pro-Upstander school climate improvement framework.
  • Developing web-based capacity building plans that support educators engaging in study groups, professional learning communities (PLC’s) and other forms of teacher driven learning and teaching.

Our professional development and technical assistance work includes one-on-consultations and coaching, face-to-face professional development, and creating one to two day institutes held in your location. In addition, we have just launched the School Climate Resource Center – a web-based resource that supports understanding, capacity building and ongoing learning about a range of school climate improvement related goals, including learning and working together to create even safer, more supportive and civil schools.

For more information, please contact NSCC Director of Education – Richard Cardillo – at (212) 707-8799 (extension 33) or