DASA Training

New York State has passed The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA). The Dignity Act supports safe, civil and inclusive schools: An essential foundation for student learning and positive youth development.

The National School Climate Center (NSCC) and National Institute for School Safety (NISS) in collaboration with the New York State Center for School Safety (NYSCSS) offers a comprehensive series of face-to-face and web-based professional development to support the work of the Dignity Act Coordinator and the implementation of training for all school staff to meet the requirements of the law. We also offer school climate assessments and legal/educational consultations to support adherence to the Dignity for All Students Act.

  • Do you want to give staff ready-to-use web-based learning modules (supporting both individual study and study groups) for classroom as well as school-wide implementation that can also be used to document compliance with the Dignity Act?
  • Do you want on-line formative assessments that support leadership teams’ understanding of “where are we now?” and “what are useful next steps to consider?” that will promote an even safer, more respectful and civil school?
  • Do you want ongoing support, new reliable material year-round, and a person to call for questions throughout the year, while not having to pay additional fees?
  • Do you want to measure your school climate with a valid and reliable tool that will help your school identify key strengths and needs related to the law?
  • Do you want district level legal/educational consultation designed to support your adherence to the Dignity for All Students Act?

We understand the Dignity Act is an unfunded mandate, and that resources are limited for travel and training purposes. That’s why we are excited to offer you a rich array of online resources for you to use to meet the Dignity Act training requirements. The School Climate Resource Center (SCRC), an interactive web-based learning environment that covers topics such as:

  • An Overview of the Dignity Act
  • Best Practices for School Climate Planning and Improvement Efforts: Creating Climates of Safety, Engagement and Learning
  • Service Learning and Student Leadership to Support the Dignity Act (A 5 session learning module)
  • Breaking the Bully-Victim-Bystander Cycle (A 10 session learning module)
  • Infusing Social, Emotional and Civic Learning Effectively into Existing Curriculum (A 5 session learning module)
  • School-Community Partnership Strategies that Work (A 5 session learning module)
  • School Climate for School Board Members (A 3 session learning module)
  • And much more…..

The SCRC gives your school access to an online community of learners throughout the country working on related issues of school climate improvement, such as responding to hate and harassment, and behaviors such as bullying. All online modules also provide a facilitator’s and learner’s guide for use in your school.

Face-to-face Professional Development: The NSCC and NISS are able to provide you with national experts on the topics related to school climate improvement and The Dignity Act. Staff of the NYSCSS served on the Professional Development, State Policy and Curriculum and Instruction committees of the Statewide Dignity Act Task Force. The Executive Director of the NYSCSS served as co-chair of the state committee that developed guidelines for human relations and counseling training for the Dignity Act Coordinator required in each school, and serves as advisor to all related learning modules.

The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI), the nationally-recognized survey that provides an in-depth profile of your school’s particular strengths and needs, which:

  • Provides immediate feedback on parent, student, staff, and even community-member perceptions of your school climate on 12 essential traits including: Safety, Teaching and Learning, Interpersonal Relationships, the Institutional Environment, Leadership, and Professional Relationships
  • Offers a detailed, customized report of each school’s unique findings to support targeted action planning for sustained improvement
  • Includes unlimited access to a secure online portal with guidelines, form letters, best practices, real-time response rates, and a series of action planning worksheets

The CSCI is used to set in motion a school community-wide process of understanding specific strengths and needs to further improvement efforts. It has been independently validated as a leading school climate assessment tool, and has been relied upon as an essential tool by thousands of schools and districts nationwide.

Legal/Educational Consultations

NSCC and NISS provide legal/educational consultations in the following areas:

  • Dignity Act Compliance
  • Bullying vs. Harassment: The Distinctions Between the Two and Why it Matters
  • Policy Development – Anti-Bullying and School Climate
  • Investigation Training
  • Summary Report with Recommendations
What Will Participants Receive
  • Comprehensive checklists detailing district, state, and federal responsibilities for bullying and harassment
  • Bullying vs. harassment chart
  • Model policies
  • Practical investigative skills and protocols gained through presentations and role-plays based on challenging and realistic scenarios

We are pleased to provide these products to you at a discounted one-time cost for full-year access to the SCRC and a complete CSCI administration. Please contact us for more detail on pricing, and consider aligning these tools with your technology plans for the year.

Contact us TODAY for pricing details, and to book face-to-face sessions for your staff.

For further information on services and programs contact:
National Institute for School Safety Email: schoolclimate@nationalinstituteforschoolsafety.com Call: 914.401.1605 or 212.707.8799